Youth Empowerment Programmes

Youth Leadership And Active Citizenship

The Youth Leadership and Active Citizenship programme aims at providing youth, of different socio-economic background, with the support and platforms to participate in leadership initiatives and be active members of the Rwandan society. Through youth forums and training, the youth is encouraged to discuss and identify common solutions, while at the same time, being oriented towards personal development.

Entrepreneurship And Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme, aims at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among youth. Through initiatives such as ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi and Innovation Accelerator, the programme provides mentorship, training and financial support to young entrepreneurs and innovators, especially those seeking to provide solutions in response to challenges related to SRH, comprehensive sexuality education, family planning, and maternal health, among others.


The Agriculture programme aims at improving the lives of women and youth from disadvantaged families through income-generating activities and psycho-social support.
Programme recipients are grouped into cooperatives where they are taught how to generate an income from horticulture, as well as manage cooperatives. In addition, they receive start-up funds for agricultural activities inputs.