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Best Performing Girl - Emelyne Cishahayo

Emelyne Cishahayo, works as a Tutorial Assistant at the University of Rwanda School of Nursing and Midwifery

From the beginning of my studies, I was a determined student. I used to revise my lessons everyday, and that helped me to remain the first of my class, throughout my primary education. When I went to secondary school, I could see how my parents struggled to provide school fees for my seven siblings and I. From then I promised myself that I needed to perform well as recognition of my parents’ efforts in educating me.

Once I completed my secondary school, I got the chance to go to Rwamagana Nursing Science School and was determined to perfect my English and French.
My life has changed in the sense that I have become a role model. I remember while I was still in school, teachers used to say ‘These girls got high marks, you have to pay attention to them,’ In the class room we used to get the top positions in class, showing that we were able. That gave me another level of confidence; it showed me that I was able to be successful in everything in my life. And this has continued until now.

It is important for girls to have a vision, objectives and be determined, in order to achieve great things. What I can tell girls is that women have the responsibility to educate nations starting from those nearest to you. For women able to do that, they need to have a strong education background that can only be found in school and reading a lot.

I plan on attaining higher levels of education that will increase my skills and knowledge, so that I may also contribute to my country.

My role model is the First Lady Jeannette Kagame. Despite her being the First Lady, she is too compassionate, she has the ability and heart to accommodate everyone, irrespective of her numerous priorities. If I had to become a leader, I would do it with the humility and understanding that she has. Her support in helping to get the best out of us is very much valuable and appreciated.

I really appreciate not only the support Imbuto Foundation has given me, but also the great work that they continue to do, in promoting girls education.