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  • Cyrwa 2013: Isabelle Kamaliza Cyrwa 2013: Isabelle Kamaliza

    She visited one of the largest hospitals in Kigali and could not believe the sight before her. Patients who could not pay their bills for weeks on end or afford food while they were admitted in hospital.

    With an extraordinary gift for giving back to her community this young lady followed her heart and led like-minded peers to start a non-profit organization to help vulnerable patients in public hospitals. Solid Africa runs five programs at the University Central Hospital of Kigali (CHUK). They are: Gemura (food for all), Kiza (Medical expenses), Sukura (Hygiene), Gombora (paying hospital bills and giving transport to patients) and Menya (advocacy and awareness).Everyday, Solid Africa provides breakfast to over 300 patients at CHUK.

    For her caring and generous heart, Imbuto Foundation presents the CYRWA 2013 Award to the President of Solid Africa - a solid young woman - Ms. Isabelle Kamaliza.